Comprehensive solutions And support for high Performing, cost-efficient IT & Network infrastructure

Cloud Seven Technology Solutions Services that meet the actual needs of small, medium and enterprise sized organisations. Our IT services offer the expertise and flexibility to ensure your IT resources deliver a lasting strategic advantage,
enabling you to focus on your core business activities.

Comprehensive solutions And support for high Performing,
cost-efficient IT &
Network infrastructure


CLOUD SEVEN TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION, popularly known as Cloud7 is among the leading IT (Information Technology) & Network System Integrator & Distributor. Founded & Established in 2005 at Abu Dhabi, UAE. Cloud7 continues to expand its operation and has established offices in UAE and India. We have become leaders in the field of Information Technology and Network Solutions offering advanced products & services through our divisions such as IT Solutions, Network Solutions, Software, Web Solutions and Distributions.

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CSTS’s IT services continue our proven track record of supporting the information and communication processes that underpin effective business operations. Our IT provision is fully integrated with Cloud Seven’s solutions for your imaging, communications and document infrastructure, ensuring consistent high-performance throughout.

All our offerings provide secure, reliable support, based on technical innovation, industry best practices and our deep understanding of customer needs. Our strategic relationships with leading technology suppliers ensure we have access to the latest technology and the insight to continue developing the best solutions to address your IT challenges.

Across our entire offering we are committed to the continuous optimisation of the solutions and support we deliver, as well as ensuring the sustainability of our services. With our dedicated support team taking care of the performance of your IT infrastructure, you have the resources to increase agility and grow your organisation’s competitive advantage.